Sentinel VS Hellgate

Thursday, January 28th 2021

We see a good match up right out of the gate with a more aggressive defense on both sides. Sentinel wastes not time at making sure that there is two, if not three defenders on the 6ft 5in Hellgate post. We see that both teams do an outstanding job of moving the ball up the court and are passing it quickly to open up a opportunity. But, Sentinel is doing a great job of reading the floor and predicting the pass, stealing the ball and getting the lay up.

Second half Bailee Saylor did a great job of moving the ball, seeing the open player and closing the gap. Hellgate use that zone defense to take Sentinel out of the game, forcing them to shoot the ball. Shots that would be hard to make for any player.

The Breakdown:

Q1: 10Q1: 7
Q2: 8Q2: 7
Q3: 12Q3: 14
Q4: 6Q4: 11
Final: 36Finale: 39

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