Hellgate VS Big Sky Boys

Thursday, February 25th 2021

Tonight we see both Big Sky and Hellgate using that full court press. Josh Wade and Becket Arthur are both doing a great job of finding the gap in Big Sky’s defense, with Arthur being there for the re-bounds, blocks and open shots. Then as Big Sky does an outstanding job covering the floor with their 2-3 zone, we see them quick on the rebound, using the 6ft 6in advantage of Caden Bateman.

In the second half we see the intensity kicked up a notch on defense for the Knights. This causes moments of turnovers from Big Sky. Hellgate successfully manages to create a lead as we got to free throws before the beginning of the fourth quarter. Continuing their efforts on offense and making the free throws continues to increase the lead that Hellgate has, as they take home the victory.

The Breakdown:

HellgateBig Sky
Q1: 13Q1: 7
Q2: 14Q2: 7
Q3: 13Q3: 13
Q4: 25Q4: 9
Final: 65Finale: 36

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