2021 State Class AA Boys Basketball Tournament – Billings Skyview VS Sentinel Spartans

Thursday, March 11th 2021

This was an unusual night for the Sentinel Spartans, but a great attempt. We had the best defense in the league (Billings), who has won the state tournament 4 our of the last 6 years…going up against the best scoring offense in the league, who enters the tournament at 15-1. It just seems like shots were not landing for the Spartans. It’s not that they were all bad shots, it’s just the moments… where instead of it rolling in miraculously…they were rolling out. You see the frustration growing with the Spartans as they tried so hard to find their groove. Billings Sky View was lead by #22 Payton Sanders who was 11/16 on the floor, made 5 of 6 free throws and earned 27 points for the night on a combination of power lay ups, to pull up jumpers. Billings moves on to the championship game against Great Falls on Saturday at 5:00 PM. Sentinel will play on Friday, March 12th at 3:30 PM against Bozeman.

The Breakdown:

Q1: 18Q1: 17
Q2: 21Q2: 7
Q3: 16Q3: 16
Q4: 24Q4: 17
Final: 79Finale: 57

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